Hardware Services


Hardware Services

Arzen offers consultancy and technical support services for the hardware, network systems (network infrastructure), software licensing solutions, hardware supply installation and support needed by the companies it serves.

Handheld terminal, mobile device, tablet computer, barcode systems, warehouse automation systems, printer, barcode printer, barcode scanner, barcode label, virus programs, router, access point are some examples of these.

Both infrastructure support and end-to-end connection systems in institutions are extremely important for our customers to operate uninterruptedly and efficiently. In order to solve any problems that may arise in this infrastructure with the service services we provide, we provide both supply of products and service support.

Any potential problem in the technical infrastructures of the systems can be prevented with the help of experienced technicians at the right time.

Our experienced technical personnel and all technical and hardware infrastructure support services are provided uninterruptedly.

The main technical and infrastructure services we offer to the field are;

  • Cloud Technologies
  • Virtualization systems
  • Data storage systems
  • Server Systems
  • Backup systems
  • End-to-end secure connection systems