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Manage LOGO GO-TIGER from Mobile with MBT Mobil Logo!

Which platforms does it work on?

The application works on all mobile phones and tablets supporting iOS and Android operating systems.

Internet Connection is NOT REQUIRED!

The application can work both online and offline. If the device has an internet connection, it works directly with live data in the central database. If the internet connection or server connection is lost for any reason, the application continues to run. Synchronization is achieved quickly when the connection is restored. Thousands of cards (stock card, current card etc.) and receipts synchronize in seconds.

For users working in the field, on devices with bluetooth support, printers can be printed, and invoices, orders, and collection receipts can be issued instantly. It can also be cast from network printers within the company.

You're in Control!

Users can use the application within their authority. Depending on his authority, the user cannot change prices, make discounts, not see the specified areas, only the specified reports, current cards, stock cards, cash and bank cards. All these definitions are made only on the management interface, there is no need for any action on the devices.

It Is Very Easy To Enter Invoice / Waybill / Order!

With the user-friendly program interface, users can quickly arrange their invoices, delivery notes and orders.

Stock / Service Card Selection Methods

Users have quite a lot of options in determining the stock / service card. Users can select the stock / service card either by searching by names, by entering barcodes, by stock group, by product image, or by barcode scanning method using the device camera. Then they add the selected stocks to the invoice / order list with the "quick add" or "detailed add" options.

Edit Your Own Report!

Reports screen is organized flexibly. A report can be prepared and stored in different views. The prepared reports can be accessed and viewed without requiring additional effort. In the special report screen of the manager, you can quickly access invoice, order, cash, bank, check / bill status reports. Graphic report support is available in current and stock screens. Graphically, stock and current card information can be viewed.

Collection Entry is Easy!

In the program, collections can be entered in cash, check, promissory note and credit card types. While collecting check, check number, debtor information and bank information can be entered. The collections made can be sent to the customer by e-mail or by printing from the printer if desired.